A practising massage therapist for more than two decades, including lecturing in massage at the Australian College in Western Australia, Janice incorporates her love for natural healing with authentic techniques of this ancient therapy.

Janice uses pure plant-based massage and skin nourishing oils for all treatments. These Joipure oils are fragrance-free, organic, and nut and seed-based. If possible, try not to wash the oils off your skin, allowing them be absorbed over night or for part of the day, post-massage. This provides added nourishment for your skin.

Janice is qualified aromatherapist and uses natural essential oils, but let her know if you’d rather not use essential oils and alternatives can be chosen. A full consultation is always carried out prior to a massage, especially for new clients.


Top-to-toe massage (90 minutes)

This luxurious massage allows a deeper relaxation to occur with a stronger focus on the parts of the body holding tension.


Full body massage, includes neck and shoulders (60 minutes)

This one hour massage will leave you feeling relaxed through a release of muscle tension – great for all-over body relaxation.