SKIN REJUVENATION FACIALS Environ skincare is a globally recognised brand built on a foundation of science.


All facial treatments include a full complimentary skin consultation to determine the ideal treatment for your skin to be ‘reborn beautiful’

$105 Skin Vitamin Hydration Facial – Classic Facial add the vitality of Vitamin A-C-E antioxidants, peptides and more

Using Vitamin, A C and E enriched creams, lotions and masks, this facial will intensely hydrate replenish, feed and calm the skin. This luxurious facial uses only the best of Environ Skin Care, employing pure and ethically-sourced ingredients. The treatment includes deep cleansing and a dead skin peel, followed by an intensely nourishing massage and specialised brightening lift off mask. A treatment for any time of the year, your skin will glow and feel completely replenished.

 $105 Micro-dermabrasion Derma-Pod 

Once the skin is thoroughly cleansed and correctly PH balance-prepped, this gentle skin resurfacing micro-granular facial will leave your skin smooth and flawless. The treatment includes calming and regenerating Vitamin A, C and E serums which are deeply infused with a peel off alginate mask. Treat yourself to fortnightly micro-dermabrasions for faster results.

$120 Environ Revolutionary Cool Peeling System – Safe without any down time 

Unlike other skin peel products, Environ Cool Technology is safe and highly effective system that not only removes dead skin cells, it rejuvenates the skin without damage.Rec for aged, pigmented, scared or lifeless skin. Vitamin A, Lactic Acid and Intense Vitamin C are just a few of these powerful ingredients. The alginate mask hydrates the skin without causing redness or sensitivity.


HOME CARE – COSMETIC NEEDLING devices are safe, comfortable and easy for client to use at home on all areas of face and body, nightly or weekly depending on your lifestyle and results required. When you purchase your device, includes full complimentary demonstration in your next facial or peel. RR Device $100

 IN SALON – MEDICAL NEEDLING – down time half a day with some redness – $199

Course Of 3-5 $149 each 

MICRO needling penetrates the dermis (below epidermis) under topical skin anaesthesia. Janice has received thorough Environ training to perform this procedure. Ask for before and after pics- results speak!  All equipment and work area is safe, hygienic and materials are disposed of. The primary function is to cause microscopic breaks below the skin surface releasing platelets which in turn produce growth factors – our bodies own collagen and elastin. MSN treats -scaring, pigmentation is lightened, fine lines lifted, open pores refined and gentle disappearance of dilated bl vessels. Initial treatment $199 with subsequent sessions $149-  must be within 12 months of initial and a maximum of 6 treatments – conditions apply – best results seen when micro-needling is performed 10 days to 2 weeks apart.

Contact Janice for friendly,  no pressure chat and further info can be emailed for extra reading.