Transform your eyes with semi-permanent eyelash extensions or multi-strands applied to your natural lash, creating a longer, fuller and bolder lash-line. Lash extensions give your natural lashes more definition, curvature and thickness.

During our full consultation we will brief you on home-care and maintenance. Your new eyelashes will not only change the way you look but also the way you feel.

Preparation and post-care of lashes

Ensure you have thoroughly removed all traces of mascara and eye-make up thoroughly before the lash application. Remove your contact lenses and wear your prescription glasses for three to five hours after application. An eyelash tint is recommended 24 hours prior to the eyelash extension treatment. Please do not curl or lash lift your lashes before the application, as we’ll create a curl when we apply your extensions.

It is recommended to use oil-free eye-makeup and mascara after your lashes have been applied. Oil-free eye-makeup remover is available for purchase at the salon, as any oil eats away at the adhesive bonds and causes premature shedding.

Who are lash extensions suitable for?

Extensions are suitable for anyone who wants longer, fuller lashes and darker, more beautiful eyes.

How long does the application take?

Depending on the number of extensions applied, a full set of lashes can take from one and a half to two hours. The full set of extensions can include from 80-100 lashes (per eye). Re-lash appointments replace naturally shed lashes and vary between 2 – 4 weeks, taking 60 – 90 minutes.

Price list


80-100 lashes / eye


50-80 lashes / eye


Re-lash appointments

Once a week (top-up) $60
Once a fortnight $80
Every three weeks $90
Every four weeks $100-$130 Or New Set

For lash addicts, buy 4 re-lashes and receive the fifth appointment free, when booked and paid for in advance.